International Patients

International Patients

Health Tourism

Health Tourism can be explained as the protection and improvement of the health of individuals and the treatment of existing diseases in order to protect and improve the health of individuals and to benefit from the health and tourism opportunities of the place where they stay for at least 24 hours in a different place.

The Health Tourism process started with the patients who demand service preferring our country. Since its establishment, Atatürk University Research Hospital has been proudly serving in our region with an understanding of thought that respects patient rights, aims continuous improvement and adopts employee satisfaction.

There are 3633 personnel working in our institution and 576 of them are academic staff, 237 of whom are faculty members and specialists, 339 of whom are assistants. Our Health Application Centre has a closed area of 165.000 m2 and consists of earthquake-resistant buildings including Surgical Block, Internal Block, Heart Centre, Polyclinic, Dialysis Centre.

Our hospital has a total of 1419 beds, 189 of which are intensive care, and 70% of them are qualified beds.

Our hospital has 27 operating theatres with modern medical equipment.

Erzurum offers high quality healthcare services in its hospitals and regions with unique natural, historical and cultural features.

With our international patient unit, we welcome our guests from abroad to Erzurum Atatürk University Research Hospital so that they can benefit from better quality health services.


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